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Upper Perkiomen Athletics

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Upper Perkiomen Athletics

Home of the Indians

Upper Perkiomen Athletics

Home of the Indians

Athletic Registration

2020-2021 Upper Perkiomen Athletic Registrations

For the 2020-2021 school year, the Athletic Department will be utilizing Student Central for athletic registrations. This online registration platform will allow students and families in grades 7-12 to register for sports, complete all required athletic department forms and PIAA CIPPE Sections 1-8 (athletic physical exam forms).

REMINDER: Athletic physicals must be completed on or after June 1st.

Please take a moment to review our Student Central Kick Off Letter. It is recommended that the students create their account first, and then the parent can create their account and link them together by using a link that is created when the student creates his or her account.  PLEASE MAKE SURE WHEN CREATING YOUR ACCOUNT THAT YOU SELECT THE CORRECT SCHOOL.  STUDENTS IN GRADES 7-8 SHOULD SELECT UPPER PERKIOMEN MIDDLE SCHOOL AND STUDENTS IN GRADES 9-12 SHOULD SELECT UPPER PERKIOMEN HIGH SCHOOL.  Please make sure both the parents and students sign all the required areas of the forms. 

*Please note that while all forms are completed and submitted online, you will need to print out Section 5 (Health History) and Section 6 (Doctor's Physical Form) in order to be able to have a doctor complete the physical. Students who are having the physical performed by their primary care physician (PCP) will probably only need to take Section 6 to be complete by their PCP, but students going to an Urgent Care or attending St. Luke's physicals will need to have Section 5 Health History also printed so that the doctor can review the student's health history as part of the physical exam. 

To print Section 5 and 6:  While on the Section 5 page, click on the "Print/Upload Here" link that is found at the top of the Section 5 form.  This will print all of your answers to Section 5 Health History as well as a blank Section 6 form to take to the doctor.  In addition, you can also print any blank form by clicking on the "Athletic Forms" tab on the blue header bar and then scroll to the bottom and click on "Example Forms, click here".  Then select which blank form you would like to print out.  A blank Section 6 form can also be downloaded and printed by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

Below is information for students and families on how to set up their accounts and complete their registrations. We recommend that when possible all students utilize their school district issued email when setting up their account. 

Questions regarding sports physicals and sign-ups should be directed to the Athletic Office;

Mr. Kurzweg – Director of Athletics

Ms. Kulp – Athletic Department Secretary

Ms. Jayde Kauffman – Head Athletic Trainer

Ms. Rose DiScipio – Assistant Athletic Trainer

Ms. Mackenzie Peed – Assistant Athletic Trainer


Getting Started Guide

(For Students & Parents/Guardians)

Click here for a PDF of the Getting Started Guide for Students & Parent/Guardians


How To Create Your Student Central Account 

  1. Go to Upper Perk Athletics and click on "Online Registrations"

  2. Follow instructions for creating your account


Setting up your Student Central Account Video Tutorial

(For Students & Parents/Guardians)



Addition Information for Parents & Students

2020-2021 Sport Sign-Ups & Physical Examination Memo

Student Central Getting Started Letter

PIAA Section 6 - Doctors Physical Form*

*This form can be printed to take to the doctor, and then must be uploaded to Student Central with the doctors signature and dated after June 1.


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