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Upper Perkiomen Athletics

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Upper Perkiomen Athletics

Home of the Indians

Upper Perkiomen Athletics

Home of the Indians

Upper Perkiomen Athletics

Home of the Indians

Athletic Registration

2022-23 Upper Perk Athletic Registrations

2022-2023 Upper Perkiomen Athletic Registrations

The Athletic Department utilizes Student Central for athletic registrations and form submissions.  This online registration platform will allow students and families in grades 7-12 to register for sports, complete all required athletic department forms and  also confirm that you have completed all required steps in order for your child to start participation in a Fall, Winter or Spring sport.


Please take a moment to click on and read the following links listed below.  These links will provide more information on how to sign your child up for any sports during the 2022-2023 school year as well as how to submit all required forms.  Students and parents who created accounts for the 2021-2022 school should use the same account they already created - please do not create a new account.  Incoming 7th grade students or students who did not participate in a sport during the 2021-2022 school year should use their Student ID or UPSD email address and use the password "bigteams" to access your student account for the first time.  After accessing the student account, an invite can be sent to create and link a parent account.  PLEASE MAKE SURE WHEN CREATING YOUR ACCOUNT THAT YOU SELECT THE CORRECT SCHOOL.  STUDENTS IN GRADES 7-8 SHOULD SELECT UPPER PERKIOMEN MIDDLE SCHOOL AND STUDENTS IN GRADES 9-12 SHOULD SELECT UPPER PERKIOMEN HIGH SCHOOL.  Students registering for their first sport of the year will need to sign/initial sections 1, 3, 4, 5  and 10, St. Luke's Consent to Treat Patient, St. Luke's HIPPA Privacy Authorization Form, Upper Perkiomen Athletic Emergency Form and the Upper Perkiomen Athletic Participation Form.  Parents/Guardians registering for their child's first sport of the year will need to sign/initial all sections and forms.  Students and parents/guardians who are completing a re-certification for subsequent seasons will both need to sign/initial Section 7 and Section 10, and submit Section 8 if they student saw a doctor for an injury or illness during the previous sport season/s.  (Section 8 and 9 will only show prior to the start of the Winter and Spring seasons)

*Please note that while all forms are completed and submitted online, you will need to print out Section 6 (Health History) and Section 7 (Doctor's Physical Form) in order to be able to have a doctor complete the physical form.  To print Section 6 and blank Section 7: After completing Section 6, click on the "Print Version Here" link that is found at the top of the Section 6 form.  This will print all of your answers to Section 6 Health History as well as a blank Section 7 form to take to the doctor.  A blank Section 7 (doctor's) form can also be downloaded and printed by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page, but most doctors will also require the completed Section 6 Health History form to be presented during the physical exam.  Anyone attending physicals at school or at any St. Luke's location must bring a completed Section 6 form along with the blank Section 7 form with you to the sport physical.

Below is information for students and families on how to set up their accounts and complete their registrations for their first sport of the year or a re-certification for their second/third sport of the year.  We recommend that when possible all students utilize their school district issued email when setting up their account. 

Deadlines for all forms to be submitted on Student Central each season will be:

Fall Season - August 4, 2022

Winter Season - November 10, 2022

Spring Season - February 23, 2023

Questions regarding sports physicals and sign-ups should be directed to the Athletic Office;

Mr. Kurzweg – Director of Athletics

Mrs. Miller - Administrative Assistant of Athletics

Ms. Jayde Kauffman – Head Athletic Trainer

Ms. Rose DiScipio – Assistant Athletic Trainer

Mr. Josh McCune – Assistant Athletic Trainer

*Direct support to BigTeams with website issues: 866.448.9438 ext. 1


2022-2023 Sport Sign-Up & Physical Exam Information:


2022-2023 Sport Sign-Ups & Physical Examination Memo

Click this link for registration information for your first sport of the 2022-2023 school year will be during the Spring Season

PIAA Section 8 - Recertification Information

Click this link for registration information for your SECOND/THIRD sport of the 2022-2023 school year will be during the Spring Season

Student Central Registration Page

Click this link to go to the online registration portal

Student Central Getting Started Letter

Account Settings & Email/Text Messages Directions

Clink this link for information on making sure your Student Central account settings are set to receive both email and text messages from coaching staffs and athletic office personnel as well as information on linking multiple parent/guardian accounts to a student account so that all parents will receive these messages.


Getting Started Guide

(For Students & Parents/Guardians)

Click here for a PDF of the Getting Started Guide for Students & Parent/Guardians


How To Create Your Student Central Account 

  1. Go to Upper Perk Athletics and click on "Online Registrations"

  2. Follow instructions for creating your account


Setting up your Student Central Account Video Tutorial

(For Students & Parents/Guardians)



Addition Information for Parents & Students

Student-Athlete Code

Parent/Coach Communication Plan

PIAA Section 7 - Doctors Physical Form*

*This form can be printed to take to the doctor, and then must be uploaded to Student Central with the doctors signature and dated after June 1.